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Western Sydney PIC Program Amendment Notes - Technical Report

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A city supported by infrastructureInfrastructure
A collaborative cityCollaboration
A city for peoplePeople
Housing the cityHousing
A city of great placesPlaces
A well connected cityConnected
Jobs and skills for the cityJobs
A city in its landscapeLandscape
An efficient cityEfficiency
A resilient cityResilience

The draft supporting Technical Report  (PDF 48 MB) received the following updates on 17 November 2020:

Page 3: Table of contents - correction to page numbers

Page 8: Western Sydney PIC program map - correction to legend

Page 16 to 17: Aboriginal population demographics - correction to total aboriginal population and correction Liverpool and Wollondilly percentage

Page 30: Place outcomes infographic - correction to numbering

Page 41: Table 4-6 - correction for consistency with years

Page 44: Penrith Centre - correction to title of Adaptive Management Framework

Page 48: Penrith Lakes existing map  - correction to zoning and legend

Page 54: Jordon Springs existing map - correction to zoning and legend

Pages 44 - 99: Land ownership tables - correction to government owned land

Page 102: People and places existing infrastructure map - adjustment to map to improve legibility

Pages 141 to 145: correction to tables, copying error jobs and homes

Page 163: Table 5-36 - correction to table title

Pages 167 to 172: correction to tables, copying error jobs and homes

Page 170: Table 5-42 - correction to copying error

Pages 206 to 210: correction to tables, copying error jobs and homes

Page 242:  Table 5-112 - correction to table title


The draft supporting Technical report received the following changes on 3 December 2020:

Page 3: removed reference to "Appendix 4 Greater Penrith to Eastern Creek Land Use Forecasts" and updated table of contents

Page 32: Table 4-3 is now Table 4-1

Page 36: Table 4-2 is now 4-3

Page 41:  Removed to Appendix 4

Page 101: Appendix 5 is now Appendix 4

Page 103: Appendix 6 is now  Appendix 5

Page 105: Grammatical error corrected

Page 121:  Grammatical error corrected

Page 128: Grammatical error corrected

Page 129: Correction to typesetting.

Page 245: Appendix 7 is now Appendix 6

Page 250: Appendices corrected