Thought Leadership Series

One of the key priorities for the Greater Sydney Commission, agreed between the Premier and the Chief Commissioner, is leading community engagement, dialogue and debate on key citymaking issues. This is the first of a series of Thought Leadership Papers on a range of topics that builds on the detail of the Greater Sydney Region Plan and District Plans to provoke discussion and debate in some cases and, in others, provide practical ideas on implementation across a range of challenging issues in the near, medium and long term.

The following paper, A Metropolis that Works, will be accompanied by additional research papers by the Greater Sydney Commission to respond to the changing nature of industrial and urban services and their spatial requirements, their strategic value and the essential role they play in Greater Sydney, as set out in Objective 23 of the Greater Sydney Region Plan: ‘Industrial and urban services land is planned, retained and managed’.

A truck parked in front of a warehouse

Thought Leadership Paper: A Metropolis that Works

Great cities are more than their residential neighbourhoods. In a fast-growing, physically constrained city, competing pressures on the use of land are understandably intense.

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