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Cover of South District Plan

South District Plan

Ten Directions for a metropolis of three cities and the South District

A liveability, productivity and sustainability framework

Delivering and monitoring the Plan – planning priorities and indicators

A city supported by infrastructureInfrastructure supporting new developments

Potential indicators*:Increased 30-minute access to a metropolitan centre/cluster
Planning Priority S1
Planning for a city supported by infrastructure

A collaborative cityWorking together to grow a Greater Sydney

Potential indicators*:Increased use of public resources such as open space and community facilities
Planning Priority S2
Working through collaboration

A city for peopleCelebrating diversity and putting people at the heart of planning

Potential indicators*:Increased walkable access to local centres
Planning Priority S3
Providing services and social infrastructure to meet people’s changing needs
Planning Priority S4
Fostering healthy, creative, culturally rich and socially connected communities

Housing the cityGiving people housing choices

Potential indicators*:Increased housing completions (by type), Number of councils that implement Affordable Rental Housing Target Schemes
Planning Priority S5
Providing housing supply, choice and affordability, with access to jobs, services and public transport

A city of great placesDesigning places for people

Potential indicators*:Increased access to open space
Planning Priority S6
Creating and renewing great places and local centres, and respecting the District’s heritage

A well-connected cityDeveloping a more accessible and walkable city

Potential indicators*:Percentage of dwellings located within 30 minutes by public transport of a metropolitan centre/cluster, Percentage of dwellings located within 30 minutes by public transport of a strategic centre
Planning Priority S12
Delivering integrated land use and transport planning and a 30-minute city

Jobs and skills for the cityCreating the conditions for a stronger economy

Potential indicators*:Increased jobs in metropolitan and strategic centres
Planning Priority S7
Growing and investing in the ANSTO research and innovation precinct
Planning Priority S8
Growing and investing in health and education precincts and Bankstown Airport trade gateway as economic catalysts for the District
Planning Priority S9
Growing investment, business opportunities and jobs in strategic centres
Planning Priority S10
Retaining and managing industrial and urban services land
Planning Priority S11
Supporting growth of targeted industry sectors

A city in its landscapeValuing green spaces and landscape

Potential indicators*:Increased urban tree canopy, Expanded Greater Sydney Green Grid
Planning Priority S13
Protecting and improving the health and enjoyment of the District’s waterways
Planning Priority S14
Protecting and enhancing bushland, biodiversity and scenic and cultural landscapes and better managing rural areas
Planning Priority S15
Increasing urban tree canopy cover and delivering Green Grid connections
Planning Priority S16
Delivering high quality open space

An efficient cityUsing resources wisely

Potential indicators*:Reduced transport related greenhouse gas emissions, Reduced energy use per capita
Planning Priority S17
Reducing carbon emissions and managing energy, water and waste efficiently

A resilient cityAdapting to a changing world

Potential indicators*:Number of councils with standardised statewide natural hazard information
Planning Priority S18
Adapting to the impacts of urban and natural hazards and climate change


Planning Priority S19
Preparing local strategic planning statements informed by local strategic planning
Planning Priority S20
Monitoring and reporting on the delivery of the plan
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South District Plan
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A city supported by infrastructureInfrastructure
A collaborative cityCollaboration
A city for peoplePeople
Housing the cityHousing
A city of great placesPlaces
A well connected cityConnected
Jobs and skills for the cityJobs
A city in its landscapeLandscape
An efficient cityEfficiency
A resilient cityResilience