Partner organisations

In addition to representation as ex-officio commissioner and observers, key government agencies and departments work in partnership with the Greater Sydney Commission at a strategic and operational level.

Link: Transport for NSW website

Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW is responsible for strategy, planning, policy, regulation, funding allocation and other non-service delivery functions for all modes of transport in NSW including road, rail, ferry, light rail, point to point, regional air, cycling and walking.

Link: Infrastructure NSW website

Infrastructure NSW

Infrastructure NSW assists the NSW Government in identifying and prioritising the delivery of critical public infrastructure for NSW.

Link: NSW Department of Planning and Environment website

NSW Department of Planning and Environment

NSW Department of Planning and Environment helps to provide homes and services, build great communities, create jobs and protect the environment.

Link: UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation website

UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation

The UrbanGrowth NSW Development Corporation is responsible for promoting, co-ordinating, managing and securing the orderly economic development of five Growth Centres across metropolitan Sydney.

Link: Landcom website


Landcom unlocks underutilised government-owned sites or large institutional land holdings to create vibrant places that improve the supply, diversity and affordability of new housing in Sydney and NSW.

Link: NSW Treasury website

NSW Treasury

NSW Treasury advises the NSW Government on state financial management policy and reporting, on economic conditions and issues, and on industrial relations matters.

Link: NSW Health website

NSW Ministry of Health

NSW Ministry of Health oversees the delivery of public health service provision.

Link: NSW Department of Education website

NSW Department of Education

NSW Department of Education works to improve the quality of teaching in schools, improve outcomes for all students and give schools greater authority to meet the needs of their communities.