GPOP’s year of events and investments

01 Feb 2017
The large crowds at 2016’s Tropfest short film festival.

A world-class stadium, quality office space for big business, an internationally-renowned short film festival and new light rail and Metro train lines are the first of many major projects that will help realise the Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) vision.

The draft vision for GPOP as ‘the connected unifying heart of Greater Sydney’, was announced last November by Chief Commissioner, Lucy Turnbull AO.

The Commission’s focus for this year is to promote, coordinate and direct activities and investment and progress the integration of transport for GPOP.

Discussions are being held at senior levels to promote delivery of the 12 directions in the GPOP vision, with proposals including:

  • Inner-city type housing and amenities near university campuses and Westmead Hospital
  • 40 hectares of land in Camellia that will become available as Viva Energy evolves from an oil refinery to an oil distributer, and can be developed for higher-value jobs
  • A major, free New Year’s Eve event at Sydney Olympic Park catering for people from the GPOP area who would otherwise travel to the Eastern City for celebrations.

Several major projects have progressed in GPOP which are fulfilling the Commission’s vision in recent months. These include:

  • Lend Lease has been awarded the contract to redevelop the $300 million Western Sydney Stadium
  • National Australia Bank has committed to taking 13 floors at Parramatta Square and Walker Corporation will build two more commercial towers to accommodate NSW Government offices
  • A site suitability and feasibility assessment is underway for a new aquatic centre in the Mays Hill Precinct
  • Parramatta Park Tropfest short film festival and Trop Jr are coming to Parramatta Park on 10 and 11 February respectively.

Lucy said: “The stars are aligning in GPOP with the Sydney West Metro now a real part of the picture and total investment from the public and private sectors of more than $10 billion over the next five to 10 years. 

“The Commission is ensuring there is deep and continuing collaboration and coordination with the community, local government and all the departments, agencies and stakeholders with an interest in the area.”

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Caption: The large crowds at last year’s Tropfest short film festival.