The data hub - a live profile of our city today

21 Jul 2017

The Greater Sydney Commission is proud to be the first Government agency to release visual analyses of detailed community statistics from the latest Australian Census data and apply it to productivity, liveability and sustainability in Greater Sydney.

Within just a fortnight of the data release by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the Commission has developed an interactive data hub, allowing users to access a live online profile of our city today.

The data hub will help us track broad trends, identify differences between districts and allow visitors to explore the characteristics of the places where we live and work in an easy to use visual format.

Users can explore changes to housing and rental affordability over the past decade, find out where greenhouse gas emissions are highest, discover how other Greater Sydneysiders travel to work, and plenty more.

Up to date data is fundamental to helping the Commission understand how Greater Sydney is changing and the release of ABS Census data every five years contributes significantly to our progress.

Other data sources for the Data Hub include the University of NSW, SGS Economics, NSW Land & Housing Corporation, NSW Family and Community Services, NSW Health, Transport for NSW, NSW Office of Environment & Heritage, the NSW EPA, NSW Rural Fire Service and the CSIRO.

The Data Hub will be continually updated so we can monitor our progress.

Explore the data hub now:

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