Collaboration at the core of Liverpool’s transformation

23 Nov 2017
Collaboration stakeholders in Liverpool

The Liverpool Collaboration Area, led by the Greater Sydney Commission in partnership with stakeholders including Liverpool City Council, has made significant progress since its establishment in April 2017.

The working group comprises 11 State agencies and key stakeholders* in the education and health sector including Liverpool Hospital, University of Western Sydney, University of Wollongong and TAFE Western Sydney.

Since its establishment, the working group has:

  • identified existing infrastructure and any spare capacity,
  • determined current spending plans and programs within the Collaboration Area across all stakeholders,
  • workshopped issues and potential solutions for the three precincts (the Liverpool City Centre, the Health and Education Precinct and Warwick Farm) within the Collaboration Area,
  • considered where future jobs and housing might be located and the types of jobs and housing Liverpool will encourage.
  • identified gaps and roadblocks to future growth,
  • identified potential infrastructure and other projects to address future growth needs including road upgrades, public transport, schools and open space

Next steps include working towards a Place Strategy and Infrastructure Plan that will help deliver the shared objectives for Liverpool and guide planning and infrastructure decisions into the future.

In working together, the group has also developed a set of shared objectives agreed to by all partners:

“Liverpool is a place:

  1. with a distinctive and welcoming character where people want to live, work, invest, study and play; the premier edge city for Western Sydney Airport
  2. that is connected by coordinated transport, and supported by quality infrastructure
  3. with a vibrant, mixed use, walkable and connected City Centre with activity and intensity both day and night
  4. undergoing rapid economic growth with outstanding job opportunities underpinned by global leadership in health, education, research and innovation
  5. that is a true river city which embraces a healthy Georges River, open space and recreation
  6. differentiated by collaboration, featuring a great number of shared facilities, co-location opportunities and incidental opportunities for interaction
  7. with diverse and affordable housing that provides for social housing, key workers and students.”

In addition to the CBD, health and education precinct and nearby residential and industrial land areas, the Collaboration Area also considers the Warwick Farm Precinct and the under-construction Moorebank Intermodal Terminal.

Planning for the Collaboration Area will also consider the draft Georges River Masterplan, which aims to extend the Georges River Precinct on the eastern side of the river into the City Centre.

You can read more about Collaboration Areas here.

* Liverpool Collaboration Area stakeholders:

Liverpool City Council
University of Wollongong
Department of Premier & Cabinet
TAFE Western Sydney
Health Infrastructure NSW
Department of Planning and Environment
NSW Health (Ministry)
Office of Government Architect
NSW Health (SWLHD)
Department of Primary Industries
Liverpool Hospital
Department of Industry
Transport for NSW
Family and Community Services (LAHC)
Roads and Maritime Services
Sydney Water
NSW Department of Education
Office of Environment and Heritage
University of Western Sydney
State Emergency Service