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Meet the Commissioners: Rod Simpson video transcript

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  • Rod Simpson, Environment Commissioner, Greater Sydney Commission

[Beginning of recorded material]

Rod Simpson: Hi. I'm Rod Simpson, I'm the Environment Commissioner with the Greater Sydney Commission.

My role is really to bring together a compelling narrative, you know what are the big ideas for the environment into the future for Sydney, working with local environment groups, local councils and other government agencies.

Bit of background about me I started out studying Landscape Architecture - I didn't complete that but then moved into architecture, then from there into urban design and planning and finally ended up a little bit in government. What I bring to the role I think is from that that architectural perspective which is largely about drawing together a broad range of people to develop a single vision for something that is possible that's what architects do. So of course the environment's much more complicated than architecture so it involves more people and really though it's still that that that single idea of sharing with people to work together towards an end goal.

I think what I'm most pleased about in the work that we've been doing, is the way that we've all introduced the idea of place-based planning. And when we say place-based planning it's really a recognition that the city's a mosaic a wonderful rich mosaic of very different places each with their own challenges and opportunities and really that's a way of dealing with the complexity of the city by dealing with it piece by piece but main still having maintaining an overall view of how things are travelling. So I think that's been picked up by a lot of people we've been talking to and the idea of place-based planning is of course what people are interested in what are their local places like, how good is it to live and it's also a way there of integrating the economic social and environmental aspects by looking at the city place by place.