Get involved


The Greater Sydney Commission is listening and learning from people with a vast range of expertise and interests.

We have connected with more than 7,500 individuals and groups representing local councils, state government agencies, peak bodies, community interests and the general public.

This collaboration has informed our preparation of draft District Plans. The exhibition period has now closed. If you need more time please contact us.

Our reach is broad, and our work will affect many people. Our ambition is to create a strong global city that is a great place to live. By this we mean Greater Sydney becomes more liveable, productive and environmentally sustainable.

We will share the reasons behind our plans and priorities, and monitor our progress. We will monitor our work via our dashboard to keep us accountable. 

Our Engagement Strategy

Our Engagement Strategy outlines how the Commission engages with government, business and the community as strategic plans - including District Plans and the Greater Sydney Region Plan, and how you can get involved. It will raise people’s awareness of the work to plan for long-term growth and encourage people to contribute to the process.

For information on the Commission's previous engagement strategy, read the July 2016 Engagement Strategy (PDF 3.6MB).

Formal submissions

The exhibition period for the Draft District Plans and Towards our Greater Sydney 2056 has now closed. If you need more time please contact us. A formal submission allows you to provide feedback and ideas that address specific points in the draft plans. Your submission will be published. However, you may request that your name and address are not displayed on the Commission’s website or alongside your submission.