District Commissioners

Headshot of District Commissioner - Western City

District Commissioner - Western City
Elizabeth Dibbs

Liz Dibbs is a non-executive director in the government and for-purpose sectors. She is Deputy Chancellor of Western Sydney University and Chair of its Audit & Risk Committee, Chairman of United Way Australia and a Governor of the Centenary Institute of Cancer Medicine and Cell Biology.

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Headshot of Central City District Commissioner

District Commissioner - Central City
Peter Poulet

As Central City District Commissioner, Peter aims to bring resilient, quality outcomes to the natural and built environments of the District by deploying design methods and thinking to connect, engage and empower communities.

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Headshot of District Commissioner - Eastern City, District Commissioner - North

District Commissioner - Eastern City,
District Commissioner - North
Dr Deborah Dearing

Dr Deborah Dearing is widely recognised for her leadership in improving the design quality of cities and communities.

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Headshot of District Commissioner - South

District Commissioner - South
The Hon. Morris Iemma

Morris Iemma served as Premier of NSW from 2005-2008 and prior to that held the ministerial portfolios of Treasury, Health, Sport and Recreation, Public Works and Services, and Minister Assisting the Premier.

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