Spotlight on Greater Sydney’s industrial lands

Interior of a warehouse facility
24 Oct 2018
News | The economic significance of industrial and urban services lands in Greater Sydney is the focus of the first in a series of new thought leadership papers by the Greater Sydney Commission.

A Metropolis that Works, raises awareness of the challenges Greater Sydney faces in best managing its industrial and urban services lands. Industrial and urban services lands are where we make, build, fix and repairs things - and supply the goods required for all these activities as locally as possible. The paper builds on the Greater Sydney Region Plan, which sets out the retention, enhancement and evolution of industrial and urban services land as priorities for the Region.

Managing and supporting Greater Sydney’s valuable industrial and services lands requires a precautionary approach and, where appropriate, protection from competing land uses, says Deputy Chief and Economic Commissioner Geoff Roberts.

“To continue to be a globally successful city, we need to be a working city – Greater Sydney needs spaces that allow us to make, create and innovate.

“The data tells us the industrial and urban services sector is growing, providing more jobs and making a key contribution to our city’s economy.

“In fact, Greater Sydney’s industrial and urban services lands added almost $84 billion in gross value between 2011 and 2016,” Mr Roberts said.

Only eight per cent of land across Greater Sydney is presently zoned for non-residential uses. However, these areas generate 19 per cent of all jobs across the Region and in some Districts this proportion may be as high as 37 per cent.

A Metropolis that Works highlights the need for an intelligent approach to land use decisions. Industrial and urban services lands are integral to successful, growing cities such as Greater Sydney and relinquishing them in the face of shorter term imperatives is likely to be costly in the long run.

To learn more, read A Metropolis that Works.

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