Local councils bringing the Metropolis of Three Cities to life

Sydney terrace houses
10 Dec 2019
The vision of a Metropolis of Three Cities is coming to life, with Greater Sydney’s 33 councils having prepared and publicly exhibited their draft Local Strategic Planning Statements (LSPSs) by 31 October this year. Each LSPS sets out a 20-year vision for the local government area’s land-use, special character and values that are to be preserved, as well as how change will be managed into the future.

Importantly, the exhibition process has allowed councils to benefit from hearing the views of the community, landowners and industry.

Stage two is now underway with the Commission convening assurance panels to look at each LSPS and ensure it is consistent with the Greater Sydney Region Plan and District Plans.  Key requirements include supporting the 30-minute city concept and improving Greater Sydney’s productivity, liveability and sustainability.  Councils have a deadline of 31 March 2020 to complete this work and all are on track to do so.

Once LSPS’s are in place and Local Environmental Plans for each council are finalised, Greater Sydney will have its first comprehensive and coordinated structure for local strategic planning, providing a strong foundation for ongoing community involvement and a focus on ‘place’ as our city grows.

You can follow progress on this work through our website, where the Commission regularly publishes links to key reports and evidence, which are used by councils to inform local planning. 

The online live 'LSPS Tracker' also provides links to council documents and tracks progress.

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