GSC releases new vision for Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula now known as GPOP

19 Oct 2016
Media Release | The Greater Sydney Commission today (Thursday) released its vision for Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula, which will become a true city at the geographic and demographic heart of Greater Sydney.

Core to this vision is the identification of the area to be known as ‘GPOP’, drawn from its name Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula, in the fashion of New York’s SOHO area.

Working with the City of Parramatta Council, NSW Health, Sydney Olympic Park Authority, UrbanGrowth NSW, Department of Education, Land and Housing Corporation, Transport for NSW and other key stakeholders, Chief Commissioner Lucy Turnbull said the Greater Sydney Commission has created a vision around all the various projects and investments in the GPOP area.

“Not just a snappy name, GPOP is a shared vision for the growth of this area as an additional 40,000 people call Parramatta home over the next five years,” Mrs Turnbull said.

“It’s time for a change of perspective and a change in the way we all imagine Greater Sydney. Greater Sydney needs a true city at its centre, close to its heart.

“This is a shared vision that will enable all levels of government to pull together to curate GPOP’s future.

“We’ve worked with government, business and the community to collectively imagine this vision for GPOP, and it’s an exciting, imagination-capturing set of ideas.”

The key components of the vision are four quarters for success:

  1. Parramatta CBD and Westmead Health and Education Super Precinct
  2. Next Generation Living from Camellia to Carlingford
  3. Essential Urban Services, Advanced Technology and Knowledge Sectors in Camellia, Rydalmere, Silverwater and Auburn
  4. Olympic Park Lifestyle Super Precinct.

Mrs Turnbull said the Greater Sydney Commission was articulating a co-creation of GPOP’s future, to assist everyone who cares about the area’s future to pull in the same direction to make it a reality.

“GPOP has all the right ingredients to be Greater Sydney’s true centre and its connected unifying heart, home to families and globally connected young professionals,” Mrs Turnbull said.

“We see this as a desirable place to live and work, a core and life of its own.

“Our vision is for children growing up in Greater Sydney to aspire to be able to move to the GPOP area as adults, to make it a destination of choice.”

GPOP sits at the heart of the Commission’s model of a Greater city with three cities, unveiled last night by Mrs Turnbull in the Bradfield Oration.

GPOP will be a centrepiece of the Greater Sydney Commission’s draft District Plan for the West Central District, within which the bulk of GPOP is located.

Western Sydney Director of the Sydney Business Chamber David Borger said GPOP would forever change the area’s future.

“This is the comprehensive direction we’ve been waiting for. The Commission has articulated a vision that is simultaneously cohesive, sober and exciting, meaning it’ll win both the hearts and minds of all Sydneysiders,” Mr Borger said.

“This places Parramatta CBD and Westmead firmly on the trajectory of becoming a true economic anchor at our centre, close to where people want to live and work.

“GPOP is ready to be recognised in its own right for its incredible existing strengths of talent, diversity, creativity and innovation, forging a path towards a vivid future.

“It’s good to see GPOP finally getting the attention and priority it so richly deserves.”

The Chairman of the Western Sydney Leadership Dialogue Christopher Brown strongly supports GPOP.

“The Greater Sydney Commission has proved exactly why we need its strategic planning, its creative contribution and its ambitious vision with the delivery of its GPOP plan,” Mr Brown said.

“They have listened, learned and led the debate toward a more vibrant, productive and liveable corridor between Parramatta and Strathfield.”

“The GSC plan will make for a wonderful ‘front door’ to Western Sydney, and speaks of a precinct which will house great jobs, attract and retain global talent and calibrate the right mix of living, learning and earning.

“They have laid out a challenge to government to deliver the transport solutions the corridor needs, to industry to bring the jobs, investment, homes and dynamism required and to the community to take advantage of the consultative platform.”

An extensive consultation process will complement the exhibition of the draft District Plans, and feedback on this GPOP vision is encouraged as part of that process.

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