Community Challenges generate bright ideas

09 Aug 2017
News | The Greater Sydney Commission has conducted its first two Community Challenges, bringing together big thinkers, experts, practitioners and passionate Sydneysiders to tackle some of the important challenges and opportunities to grow and improve Greater Sydney

Shared Spaces was the focus of the first "hackathon" on Saturday 22 July, followed by Active Transport a week later, with more than 70 attendees at each.

Sarah Hill speaking with Community Challenge attendees

The first event explored innovative ideas for maximising the effective use of shared spaces in Greater Sydney and considered ways to free up private spaces for shared public uses. The Active Transport workshop considered how to encourage more people to walk or cycle and reduce congestion on our roads and public transport systems.

Chief Commissioner Lucy Turnbull and CEO Sarah Hill took to the stage at both events to share their insights, as did representatives from GoGet, the Department of Education, UTS, UNSW, PLAN International, City of Sydney, Liverpool Council, Tennis Australia and more.

At the Shared Spaces challenge, community organisation members shared their thoughts on how to more easily find, book and use existing spaces, by identifying and removing constraints to access and affordability, and considering relevant regulations.

Active Transport participants discussed how to encourage or make it easier for more people to walk or cycle for short trips, debating the potential effects of legislative changes, infrastructure building and behavioural change.

Greater Sydney Commissioners helped participants workshop their ideas for creating change and provided tailored advice and feedback to each team.

In both challenges, groups presented their big ideas and four were voted into a final round in which five, 10 and 40-year implementation plans were created and presented.

Community Challenges are part of the Commission’s strong and ongoing commitment to innovative public engagement and working collaboratively with the Greater Sydney community.

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