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05 Jul 2019
News | Recognising how important a robust evidence base has been to the Commission’s work, we have now appointed an Acting Director of Research and Advisory, Ms Silvija Smits, and established a working group of city-making experts from across industry and the NSW Government.

The working group, which held its first meeting in June 2019, is looking at the economics of city planning with an initial focus on the future of work in Greater Sydney and what it means for land use planning and productivity.

The group, to convene six to eight times over the next 12 months, includes the Committee for Sydney, Property Council of Australia, Planning Institute of Australia, Urban Development Institute of Australia, key State agencies including the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment and NSW Treasury.

The Commission is also keen to hear from councils that would like to be involved in the Group and to represent their district and / or city. To express an interest email us at

When complete, insights about the future of work will be made available on the Commission’s website, ensuring we share and build on our significant repository of research and data.

The Commission is keen to have ongoing conversations about important urban planning issues – for more information or to give ideas about the issues that should be addressed please contact Silvija at

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