Background material

The Greater Sydney Commission has prepared a series of Productivity, Liveability and Sustainability Profiles which support the draft District Plans. These profiles bring together demographic, social, environmental, economic and employment data to tell stories of the productivity, liveability and sustainability in Greater Sydney and its six districts.

A suite of background documents provide information and analysis on a range of topics including local planning policies and strategies, open space, economy and employment. These were developed to inform the preparation of the draft District Plans. 

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Document title
Productivity Profile


G1 Item 2

Document title
Liveability Profile - Central
Liveability Profile - North
Liveability Profile - West Central
Liveability Profile - West
Liveability Profile - South West
Liveability Profile - South

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Document title
Sustainability Profile

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Liveability Framework
Lessons from International Experience (Prof Greg Clark and Dr Tim Moonen).pdf
Community Values – Central (Newgate).pdf
Community Values – North (Newgate).pdf
Community Values – South West (Newgate).pdf
Community Values – West (Newgate).pdf
Community Values – West Central (Newgate).pdf
Community Values – South (Newgate).pdf
Greater Sydney Open Space Audit.pdf
Values of the Metropolitan Rural Area of the Greater Sydney Region (Ag Econ Plus).pdf
Sydney retail demand and supply consultancy Stage 1 final report.pdf
Sydney retail demand and supply consultancy Stage 2 final report.pdf
Sydney retail demand and supply consultancy Stage 3 final report.pdf
Social Panel Advisory Paper
GPOP Evidence Pack
Environment Panel Advisory Paper
Macro-economic and Demographic Factors Shaping Jobs Growth – SGS Economics & Planning
Employment Centres Analysis – SGS Economics & Planning
Sydney Office Market Research Report - Colliers International
Forecasting the Distribution of Stand-Alone Office Employment across Sydney to 2035 - BIS Shrapnel
Sydney Strategic Centres Barriers to Growth (Urbis) 
Strategic Centres: Enabling Economic Growth and Productivity (Hill PDA)
Industrial Precinct Review – Hill PDA

G1 Item 5

This is material that has been superseded by new material contained above.

Document title
Sydney Open Space Audit - Central
Sydney Open Space Audit - West Central
Sydney Open Space Audit - West
Sydney Open Space Audit - North
Sydney Open Space Audit - South West
Sydney Open Space Audit - South
Local Council Summaries - Central
Local Council Summaries - West Central
Local Council Summaries - West
Local Council Summaries - North
Local Council Summaries - South West
Local Council Summaries - South
First stage of reports released to inform Greater Sydney Commission district plans
Demographic characteristics - Central
Demographic characteristics - West Central
Demographic characteristics - West
Demographic characteristics - North
Demographic characteristics - South West 
Demographic characteristics - South