Collaboration Areas

The Greater Sydney Commission is leading the coordination of Collaboration Areas across metropolitan Sydney.

What are Collaboration Areas?

Collaboration Areas have been established to achieve a whole of government approach to managing places that either hold great potential, or face complex challenges in meeting the demands of urban growth. The collaboration between local councils, state agencies and other key stakeholders is facilitated by the Greater Sydney Commission, to enhance the liveability, sustainability and productivity of the area.

The prioritised areas for 2017/18 are Liverpool, Greater Penrith, Camperdown-Ultimo, Randwick and Rhodes East.

Liverpool Collaboration Area Workshop

Why Collaboration Areas?

Most of the nominated Collaboration Areas include at least one major hospital and a university, which together have the potential to enhance economic outputs and generate a range of quality jobs. But these places also need transport, homes, schools, open space and amenities to attract and retain a talented workforce.

The responsibility for creating great places does not rest with any one organisation. Collaboration Areas offer a new way of working to deliver joined-up responses that support growth and change in our city.

Each Collaboration Area is being driven by a core group of partners representing Local and State government. These partners have signed Collaboration Area Agreements which outline how they will work together to achieve great outcomes for their area.

The Greater Sydney Commission is working with the partners in each Collaboration Area to develop a Place Strategy to ensure the continued growth of these places.

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