Central District

The Central District is the powerhouse of Greater Sydney and a focal point for jobs, business and financial activity.

It is a District of great natural beauty, rich in lifestyle, cultural and recreational attractions and including a blend of fast-paced centres, cosmopolitan urban communities and village-like heritage neighbourhoods.


Sydney CBD

District Commissioner: Maria Atkinson AM

Headshot of Central District Commissioner Maria Atkinson

Maria Atkinson AM has over 15 years of experience on not-for-profit, international institutions and Government boards and committees. She is a global operator with a deep understanding of social and environmental markets and trends.

Ms Atkinson has extensive strategic market and governance expertise and experience working with multinational organisations and multilateral agencies in the US, UK, Europe, Asia Pacific and the Middle East.

Ms Atkinson is a member of the NSW Government Climate Change Council and UTS Business School Advisory Board.

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Facts and Figures

Infographic 1,013,200 people live in the district
Infographic 904,500 jobs in 2016
Infographic 14 per cent of land is open space

Background material

A compilation of profiles and technical reports
which has informed the draft District Plans.


A compilation of maps
and spatial information.

Information Notes

A series of notes that provide supporting
information on the draft District Plans.


Publications and reports produced
by the Greater Sydney Commission.